Ice Mountain Display & Grotto


Ocean Terminal, Leith


Ice Mountain Display & Grotto


A giant sculpted ice backdrop which was produced in polystyrene and hard coated before being finished, sprayed like Ice and lacquered. The Ice mountain stand up to 4m in height and includes various Christmas trees with LED lights on it, ivy, branches, toy sac’s, wrapped Christmas presents and small static penguins. We finished the display off with snow wadding, artificial snow, flitter glitter and various sizes of illuminated Christmas trees. We also designed and produced x5 giant interactive music box props. Each giant music box/present included a character or figure on top each which did something when the button on the box was pressed. We produced a bespoke Mouse King which spoke and sang, Christmas tree which span around and played music, Nutcracker figures which played instruments while music played and a ballerina princess who span around as beautiful Christmas music played.