We bring ideas to life!

We believe in giving you displays that capture something magical and set you apart.

That’s why at The Wonderworks, we bring together imaginative ideas with exceptional design, to theme seasonal displays with flair.

We bring ideas to life in a truly unique way and deliver a seamless service from initial design consultation, trough to delivery installation and removal.

A brand new creative design and display company bred from years of experience within the design and display industry. We provide concept to completion displays with a full design service from hand drawn sketches to final artwork and working drawings. We then manufacture and produce the final product for our clients.

Each of our client’s briefs and budgets are different and we have the confidence and ability to adapt and produce each bespoke display as requested. Whether it’s a fully dressed Christmas grotto, single animated character, oversized sculpted props or simply a mould, we will do all we can to meet both the client’s budget and needs.

Since we started, briefs have included; large bottles, sculpted static figures, small moulds in huge quantities, large moulds, animated characters, full displays for all seasons and many other bespoke items.

We have worked for garden centres, shopping centres, branding agencies, major companies, interior designers and other companies within our industry. We have produced displays in London, Leeds, York, Hebden Bridge, Falkirk, Kent, Dorset, Manchester as well as producing products that have been delivered around the globe.

So whether you need spectacular displays with animated characters or perhaps a more understated theme to weave into next seasons retail display – we’d love nothing more than to discuss your project with you.

Make sure you’re extraordinary and eye catching. Talk to the Wonderworks.