Enrich the Consumer Experience with Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is more than just an industry buzzword. The concept is often difficult to explain but in its simplest form, experiential marketing creates a closer bond between an organisation and a consumer, allowing an individual to fully immerse themselves in a brand.

We’re passionate about capturing something magical and bringing it to life. Since our inception we’ve received client briefs from organisations including over-sized sculptures, animated characters, seasonal retail displays and much more.

An inventive and engaging display can have a positive impact on a business’s relationship with the consumer. This kind of marketing allows an organisation to creatively showcase its goals, purpose and missions, stimulating emotions and ultimately entertaining the consumer through events, props and participation. This can have a significant effect on how a brand is perceived.

In today’s saturated marketplace, it is imperative that a business implements a cross-media strategy to drive brand engagement. Digital, PR, and traditional marketing alone is often not enough to communicate a brand’s key messages. Experiential marketing is all about showing rather than telling – cutting through the noise where other marketing channels often struggle.

It’s for this reason that businesses will choose to use props to create buzz and excitement around a brand – whether this be through a full scale model of an animated reindeer for a Christmas display, or a life-sized character costume for a charity event.

By turning an idea into a real-life experience, an organisation can produce a highly effective experiential marketing campaign that will create lasting impressions and instil positive emotions in the consumer. Appealing to the senses and helping people to engage with their physical environment will spark curiosity, build effective B2C relationships and boost brand advocacy.

If you need assistance bringing your brand to life, take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on and get in touch today!


Experiential Marketing

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